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Making your event a unique, tailor-made experience.

This is Fabiodex’s mission. With over 20 years of experience, he will make your party unforgettable. Not just a DJ set, Fabio’s work is, first of all, a bespoke experience where he takes on the whole creative and technical direction of the event: attention to details, the use of the best musical equipment, and partnerships with industry professionals will guarantee you an exclusive and care-free experience.

Excellence is not an optional.


An exclusive guide for all your needs.


Excellent work for excellent results. An unforgettable experience.


Make sure your event is a unique and bespoke experience.

Fabiodex | Wedding dj


Wedding sound designer

Born and raised in a family of musicians, Fabio Dj takes his first steps in the music world in a tiny village between Firenze and Fiesole, immersed in the beautiful Tuscan hills. This is where the deejay develops his musical skills in a refined way, playing synth keyboards and being influenced by the sound of the 80s.

After receiving his first record player at the age of 5, he began his career mixing tapes that would then be played in the homes and clubs of his hometown.

With his first live shows, Fabio Dj‘s records make their way into the clubs of Florence, and then land in the world of exclusive private parties, which would become his trademark: Pitti Uomo, Tenax, Caffè Cavalli, these are just some of the venues where the deejay has performed during his career.
This is how Fabiodex was born, a private party craftsman who, after completing management and showbiz studies, founded Fabiodex SRL Limited, an agency specializing in the creation of tailor-made events and a high-end artistic consultancy service.

Fabiodex | Wedding dj


Here a selection of prestigious venues where Fabiodex has performed


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